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Andrea Barnett Jewelry Event

Andrea Barnett Jewelry Event is a great opportunity to do some Christmas shopping!  Enjoy Christmas cookies and gifts with purchase when you buy Andrea Barnett Jewelry during the event:

Andrea Barnett Jewelry Event
December 1-3, 2016
Thursday and Friday, 10-6
Saturday 10-5

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Andrea Barnett Cross Necklaces

Andrea Barnett’s distinctive jewelry combines a vintage feel with a modern aesthetic.  It’s handmade in Texas and combines found items with cast medals and interesting semi-precious stones.   Andrea Barnett cross necklaces wear well alone or mixed with other jewelry for a layered effect:

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Andrea Barnett Jewelry

Andrea Barnett Jewelry

Andrea Barnett Jewelry combines vintage rosary chain with reproduction bronze medals and interesting gemstones.  It’s a layered style, delicate and intricate, and she has a masterful ability to make new and reproduction appear to be vintage heirlooms.  Andrea Barnett necklaces and earrings are unique, intriguing pieces, thoughtfully created right here in Texas.


Rings Andrea Barnett

One of a kind Andrea Barnett sterling silver ring with veined turquoise: