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Wood Jewelry Boxes

A wood jewelry box in rich mahogany or elegant walnut makes a keepsake gift.  These are under $200 and have lots of compartmentalized space for her to store and organize her jewelry.  There are padded spaces for rings and hanging side doors for necklaces to keep them from tangling.  And they look so pretty sitting on her dresser!  She’ll be happy knowing her jewelry is stashed out of site, protected from dust, and waiting to be worn.  Smaller chests keep her special pieces; taller jewelry boxes hold lots.

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We have a large selection of jewelry boxes in a range of prices.  Stop by to pick out one she’ll love!


Boxes to Engrave

These dresser-top jewelry boxes to engrave with her initials hold her most treasured personal jewelry.   Make is a keepsake when you have Ann engrave it for you.   We have lots more items that can be engraved to choose from, and Ann engraves these herself here in the store:

Small beaded antique-look rectangular box, $34.95

Beaded antique-style round box, $39.95

Small ornate rectangular box with curved top, $34.95

Cost of items does not include engraving.  Ann will quote your engraving cost per item.  Please allow at least 24 hours for engraving service.

Coromandel Jewelry Box

Coromandel Jewelry Box is a tall jewelry chest with lots of capacity.  Coromandel is an ancient art form where layers of clay and gypsum are mounted on wood, then hand carved, painted and lacquered.   This one is a beautiful red color highly lacquered with cherry blossoms.  Satin lined compartments hold all your jewelry, from ring drawers specially fitted to doors with hooks for necklaces.  Mirrored lid is hinged.  $1,400.