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Cat and Dog Throw Pillows Pug

Cat and Dog Throw Pillows

Cat and dog throw pillows feature your favorite pet and make bright and affordable artwork for your home.  Continue reading

Christmas Welcome Mats

Christmas welcome mats celebrate the holiday season and greet guests to your home.  Eco-friendly and very cute natural fiber braided rugs are made of hard-wearing jute, designed for lasting durability.  Cardinal, Santa and poinsettas are hand-stenciled to add a pop of color to your home and celebrate the warmth of the season:

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Embroidered Texas Pillow

Embroidered Texas Pillow is a work of art: 3 needlework artists hand-embroidered for 3 months to create the finished product.  Design includes iconic Texas scenes, cities and landmarks, and of course, the state flower:  bluebonnets!  Embroidered on organic cotton with black velvet piping edges.  Includes the embroidered cover and the pillow insert.

Embroidered Texas Pillow

Embroidered Texas Pillow is 28″ x 28″, $695

Texas Pillow

Large is 28×28″; small is 20×20″, $210

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Trivets and Trays

Trivets and trays in natural maple are decorative and practical.  Made in USA, trivets are 8″ in diameter and 3/4″ thick, embossed with home-y Texas figures:  pig, longhorn, cowboy and rooster.  Lazy Susan server is 16″ across with Texas’ favorite icon, the long horn.  Or choose a beautiful tray with long horn, 14″ x 20″.   All are food-grade, mineral oil finish and made from local hardwood.   Perfect for wedding, housewarming, or real estate closing gifts!

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