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Valentine Pop Up Card Bouquets

Valentine Pop Up Card Bouquets

Pretty Valentine pop up card bouquets mail flat but become a 3-D bouquet when opened.  Send red roses, cupcakes, owls and more with Valentine messages for someone you love!  There’s a blank panel and a gift card attached that you can use to personalize your bouquet pop up card. They’re hand folded with over 50 folds and cuts to create these pretty keepsake Valentine’s Day bouquet cards.  Closed size is 6¾” x 4¾”.  Open size is approximately 8½ x 10″.  $8.95 each.

Birthday card squirrel buffet

Funny Cards

Get a laugh when you give or send one of Ann’s funny cards to someone.  We have lots of greeting cards to choose from, but these animal pictures are sure to get a smile.  Pick out one to go with your gift, or pick up a selection to have on hand for every occasion.  Greeting cards are a wonderful way to let someone special know you care:

Greeting Cards

In a world of emails and tweets, a beautiful card is something special.  Keepsake cards have beautiful artwork printed in brilliant color on textured paper; each one features detailed, sculptured embossing.  They’re made in USA and are even eco-friendly.  But best of all is the lovely sentiment that comes when you send a thoughtful greeting, no matter the occasion. Here are just a few of the designs:

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