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Ayala Bar Jewelry

Ayala Bar jewelry combines a lifetime of the artist’s travels and inspirations.  A jewelry artisan since the 1960’s, Ayala Bar mixes elements not commonly found in traditional jewelry, creating a collage of contrasts, colors and textures.  Her beadwork is intricate and delicate, like a mosaic of ancient Byzantine designs.  Ayala Bar jewelry wears well with classic as well as modern fashions and is collected all over the world.



Things to do in Houston

Looking for something to do?  Need some gifts to take home from your visit to Houston?  Then you need to make a trip to Ann’s Fine Gifts.

If you are tired of big box sameness and generic shopping malls, you’ll enjoy a visit to Ann’s in Houston.  We’re locally owned, independently operated in a friendly, neighborhood center with lots of easy parking and places to eat.  We’re easy to find (map here).  Best of all, our store is HUGE, well air conditioned, and a wonderful place to spend some time.

Houston is a big, wonderful city with lots of places to see.  If you’re looking for a pretty store and friendly locals in Houston’s Energy Corridor, then you’ll love shopping at Ann’s Fine Gifts.   Our store is 16,000 square feet of beautiful things to discover with gifts in every price range.

What do we hear most often from people who come in the door?  “I just LOVE this store!”

You will to.  See you soon!

This is Ann with pretty boxes of her famous Texas chocoalte truffles. Come say hello, won’t you?