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National Coffee Day: Monday, September 29

Celebrate National Coffee Day with a bag of Ann’s “Bright and Early” Texas coffee!  We sell a TEXAS 1 lb bag (whole 16 oz), $11.95.  Ann’s Texas coffee is always available to sample while you shop…come by for a cup today!

Ann's Texas coffee in "Native Pecan" is a best seller!  Locally produced, $11.95, for a 16 ounce bag.

Ann’s Texas coffee in “Native Pecan” is a best seller! Locally produced, $11.95, for a 16 ounce bag.


Holiday Cheer

Need a fun and easy party drink?  Make this festive cup of Holiday Cheer:

Brighten your Christmas festivities with this easy holiday drink.

Brighten your Christmas festivities with this easy holiday drink.

Simply freeze some of Ann’s Coffee and pop the cubes in your favorite Bailey’s.  Instantly delicious and doesn’t it look pretty?

Hostess Gift

What to take as a hostess gift?  Need a little welcome present for a new neighbor? Here’s an idea:  Texas coffee with a Texas-sized cup!  Packaged together, $32.50.

Ann's Texas-roasted coffee is a Texas pound...16 oz.  Packaged here in a Texas-sized cup, $32.50

Ann’s Texas-roasted coffee is a Texas pound…16 oz. Packaged here in a Texas-sized cup, $32.50

Delicious Iced Coffee

Ann’s Bright and Early coffee is good brewed and enjoyed hot, but did you know there’s an easy way to enjoy a glass of creamy iced coffee?  A few steps before bedtime will have it ready with almost no effort the next morning.

Bright and Early Native Pecan Coffee

Put 2 tablespoons Bright and Early ground coffee, any flavor, in a lidded container.  Add 2 cups cold water and cover.  Refrigerate overnight.  That’s it!

In the morning, strain the grounds through a strainer lined with a coffee filter or paper towel.  Discard grounds.  Pour the coffee over a tall glass of ice cubes and add your favorite creamer, milk, or soy milk.  Add sweetener and a drop or two of vanilla.  It’s cool and delicious…enjoy!

What’s your favorite iced coffee flavoring?  Visit our facebook page and let us know!

Ann’s Bright and Early coffee is roasted right here in Houston by a 4th generation family owned business.  They deliver it to us while it’s still warm!  Get a REAL 16 oz pound, $11.95.  Great for out-of-town guests or send one to a friend!

Good Coffee

Ann’s customers love her new coffee:  “Bright and Early” in several blends, beans or grounds.  It’s roasted and distributed locally by a 4th generation Houston family business founded in 1912.  “Bright and Early” is one of their original blends.   When they deliver our coffee, the bags are still warm!  Ann’s coffee is an honest (16 ounce) pound for $11.95, unlike grocery store packaging with is normally 12 ounces for the same price.  Drink locally produced brew!  Buy yours at Ann’s, or call us and we’ll ship you some.  (281) 589-0424.

Meet the taste tester!

Meet Verilyn Bounds.  She came to Ann’s this morning and saw our new “Bright and Early” coffee selection.  As it turns out, Mrs. Bounds used to work for the Duncan Coffee Company here in Houston, Texas, and was one of their tasters!  She sampled some of Ann’s “Bright and Early” and told us it is just like she remembered, right down to the packaging.   Come in and sample some for yourself.  Coffee’s on now at Ann’s!

Verilyn Bounds, center, used to work at Duncan Coffee and regularly tasted-tested their new brew flavors! She is delighted to see her favorite coffee available now at Ann's! Ann, left, and Bill, right.