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Yellow Rose of Texas!

Forever Gold Roses

Valentine’s Gift Idea:  Gold Roses

Wouldn’t it be nice if roses never faded?  Ann’s has roses like that…gold roses that never fade,  droop or lose their petals. That’s because Ann’s roses are dipped in 22K gold, preserved to last and be enjoyed for years.  Choose 11″ or 18″ stems, singles or bouquets, with vases or alone.  We’ll package them with big red bows for a present she will love.

Gold Roses, 18″ stems:  $135 each
Gold Roses, 11″ stems, $105 each
Colored roses with gold trim, $74.50 each

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(281) 589 0424

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Rainbow Rose

Everyone loves Ann’s gold roses, and you can choose colored roses, too.  (See colors, here.) Rainbow Rose is multi-colored and edged with gold, 11″ stem:

Gold Rainbow Rose

Rainbow Rose, $74.50

Ann’s Forever Roses come in gold, silver and colors.  They make romantic gifts for anniversaries and birthdays, or just because.

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We can ship (within continental US) and gift wrap.

Rustic Florals: Dried Arrangements

Rustic florals for your home decor are a departure from traditional flower arrangements.  Dried elements combine in a mix of foliage, flowers, feathers and textures.   Containers are rustic too:  baskets, horns and dough bowls complete the look.  Bonus…they don’t need water.  Why not add one to your home decor?


Silver Rose

If you love Ann’s gold roses, you might enjoy a silver version.   Silver Rose is 11″ and is a real rose dipped in silver.  Now you can build a silver and gold bouquet, or pick up one rose as a gift for birthday or anniversary:

Ann's silver rose is 11", $105

Ann’s silver rose is 11″, $105  Click image to order online!

For Ann’s gold and colored roses, click here.

Cowboy Trays

Rustic home decor accents add a splash of color and texture to your room.  Painted trays have real horseshoe handles, and floral arrangement of dried elements is seated in a piece of petrified wood.

Cowboy Country trays in two sizes have colorful boots and horse-shoe handles; large size, $59.50; smaller version, $49.50. Rustic floral arrangement on petrified log, $69.50.

Cowboy Country trays in two sizes have colorful boots and horse-shoe handles; large size, $59.50; smaller version, $49.50. Rustic floral arrangement on petrified log, $69.50.

Rustic Floral

Pink Orchid

Beautiful orchids are a lovely accent in any décor, but they require a little upkeep.  You have to provide the temperature they like, not overwater and do lots of fussing over them.

Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid looks real, $245

Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid looks real, $245

But not this one.  This one is a beauty known as Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid, or moth orchid.  And its care is very, very easy…. ‘cuz it’s not real.  Fooled you, didn’t we?  It looks real.  Give this to the person you know who loves flowers and can’t keep a plant alive.  Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid from Ann’s will last forever.  Beautiful!

Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid 2 Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid 3


Anniversary Roses

It’s your anniversary and you need a gift!  Don’t worry, Ann’s has you covered.  Why not tell her she’s special with a gold rose bouquet?  Ann’s gold roses are real roses dipped in 24K gold.  Or choose colored roses with gold tips and stems.  They last forever!  We have fun ways to package your roses that say “Happy Anniversary!”

Red enamel roses with gold tips and stems in a crystal vase say “Happy Anniversary!”

Gold Rose for her Birthday

It is her birthday? Let her know she’s special with a gift of a gold rose from Ann’s.  Ann’s gold roses are real roses covered in 24K gold, so they last forever.

Ann’s real roses covered in 24K gold last forever. 11 inch stem, $105

Or choose one in her favorite color with gold-tipped edges!  These are $74.50 each: 

Get her Gold Roses

What?  She doesn’t have a gold rose, you say?  WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???  Ann’s gold roses are a slam dunk!   Real American Beauties dipped in 24K gold last forever!  Choose one in a vase, or a colored rose with 22K gold tipped edges.  Whether you buy one rose or the whole bunch, she’ll love a rose from Ann’s for the big event!

Buy one or the whole bunch! Ann’s gold roses start at $105.00.

Ann's Gold Roses are a thoughtful, sentimental gift.

Ann’s Gold Roses are a thoughtful, sentimental gift. Click here to order online, or come by our Houston store.