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Evening Handbags

Minaudieres (“mihn-aw-dee-AYs”) are exquisite, small evening clutches that a lady carries to a formal event.  Meant to be more of an accessory than anything else, they do have room for her cell phone and a lipstick.  (Used to be, back in the olden days, you tucked a quarter in there for the pay phone to call a cab, or your Daddy, to come get you if your escort’s behavior was less than acceptable.)    These jewelled and glittery tiny treasures have a shoulder strap that can be attached or neatly tucked inside the bag, allowing versatility of wear.  Many women collect these small purses, and they are much copied.    But the real thing is of high-quality craftsmanship and the wearer enjoys them for many years, then gives them to her daughters, to be envied by all as “vintage”.

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