Red Leather Bags

Ann’s red leather bags take the “lug” out of luggage.  Wheeled carry-on small case has elegant matching handbags and totes.  Tooled red leather makes them stylish and durable…and definitely Texan.

Stocking Stuffer Idea: Accessories

Colorful and practical small accessories make great stocking stuffer Christmas gifts.  Whether she travels lightly or packs a lot, we have a leather wallet to suit.  Beautifully sewn, smooth leather with lots of pockets and compartments make these stocking stuffers much-loved gifts.  Shop now for best selection!

Wear new scarves 5 ways!

These just arrived, and we’ve sold half of them already.  The prints are gorgeous and these new silky wraps can be styled 5 ways.  Aren’t they pretty?  $47.50 each:


Scarf Style with a Bangle Bracelet

Scarf Style

Ann’s new infinity scarves are an easy and affordable fashion accessory that you can wear many ways.  Here is a styling tip that uses a favorite bracelet for a unique and pretty look.

First step:  settle the scarf around your neck, hanging simply like a necklace.

Ann's infinity scarf

Ann’s infinity scarf

Find a cuff-style bracelet, preferably one that is not hinged.  You want the kind that slips over your wrist, like this sterling silver one from Simon Sebbag, which has a bit of shine and is smooth (won’t snag your scarf).

Choose a smooth bangle bracelet.  This one is sterling silver by Simon Sebbag, $239.50

Choose a smooth bangle bracelet. This one is sterling silver by Simon Sebbag, $239.50

Slide the bottom end through the bracelet.

Slide the bracelet over the scarf.

Slide the bracelet over the scarf.

Bring it about half-way up.  Hold it there a moment.

Stop about half-way up.

Stop about half-way up.

Now, this is the part that makes the magic.  Take the bottom of the scarf, bring it up towards your face and loop it over your head.  Settle the fabric and the bracelet, which is now a scarf ornament, the way you like.

Flip the scarf over your head again.

Flip the scarf over your head again.

It should look like this.

Settle the bracelet and scarf the way you like.

Settle the bracelet and scarf the way you like.

What a pretty way to showcase a favorite bracelet and keep your scarf from flapping all over!  This style also gives you a bit of coverage and dresses up the neckline of an ordinary T shirt or cami.

Try it and show us…post a selfie on Ann’s FB page, or tag us on your Instagram account @annsfinegifts.

Are you scarf challenged?  Come by for a styling lesson!

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New Magnet Pins Keep Your Glasses Handy

If you spend time searching for your glasses, you need one of Ann’s new Magnet Pins.  Powerful magnets attach to your jacket, purse, or blouse and give you a place to tuck your reading glasses, sunnies or ID badge.  (No pins to put holes in fabric or tear your clothes.)  Decorative ornament makes them pretty.  Lots of styles in silver or gold tone…which one will you choose?  $19.95 each.



Make a statement when you protect your eyes from the strong summer sun.  Fancy sunglasses are fun to wear…invest in a quality pair and step up your look!  UV protection and Swarovski crystals.  Please inquire for price.

Hats Fabulous

Keeping the sun off your head and face is important these days, not just to stay cooler but to avoid harmful UV rays that can lead to skin cancers.  If you don’t have a good sunhat for your outdoor activities, come by and pick one out.  Natural colored straw styles for men and women have substantial UV protection ratings.  Most under $50.

It’s a Stylish Wrap

Ann’s soft bamboo wraps add style to your look.  Each has buttons and buttonholes along the long sides to give you endless styling possibilities.  Here are some pictures to give you a few ideas… what wrap style will you try?  They come in lots of colors, $34.50 each.  More, here.

See lots more styling tips on Ann’s Pinterest:

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Holding Style

Now you can be stylish even when you’re NOT wearing your glasses, sunglasses or readers…keep them handy and protected in a glamorous way with Ann’s purse-shaped holders.  Pretty purses are really decorative boxes where you can stash your specs when you’re not wearing them.  Imagine being able to find them easily!  Great for phones, too.  $49.50 each


Frenchie Love

Watching You

Cosmetic pouches with big furry faces have eyes that watch you!  New styles:  Kitten on Green, Frenchie love and Frog Prince join favorites such as Yorkie, Silver Kitty, Tabby Cat and Pug.  Keep your stuff organized…they’re great for camp (go well with the Big Face T shirts the kids love).  Or wear it as a clutch purse and guarantee all eyes will be on you!  $19.95 each

New shipment of Big Face clutch purses is on its way to Ann’s…watch our FB page to see when they get here!