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Decorative Clocks

Clocks tell a story.  Sure, they keep time, but today you don’t really need a wall clock to tell the time.  So why have one?  Because they add a decorative element to your rooms.  Like  picture on your wall, the clock adds dimension and interest to your kitchen, living room or den.   Look for one with a little styling or personality….how about one of these?

Cappuccino Clock

Cappuccino Clock, $37.50

Station Clock

Station Clock, $289

Chiming Wall Clocks

There’s nothing like the sound of a clock chime to remind you of a different era.  And clocks make marvelous gifts!  Before we were Ann’s Fine Gifts, we were Ann’s Clock Shop.  We know clocks, and we love them.

School house regulator style chiming clock. Westminster or Whittington chimes every quarter hour. Oak, with pendulum, $249

Times have changed since were just a clock shop. Our current inventory of chiming clocks is predominantly quartz operated, instead of key wound, which gives you some added features.  Quartz (battery powered) clocks have settings such as a choice of chimes and volume control.  Many have auto night shutoff; select this feature and the clock does not chime between 11 PM and 7 AM.  Quartz movements mean you don’t have to remember to wind the clock!  And the sound is authentic and rich.

Traditional wall clock chimes Westminster or Whittington every quarter hour and has burlwood trim. $285

Do you need clock repair?  We recommend Clock Country, click here for information.

Very large clocks

Great big clocks make a statement in your room, much like a dramatic painting would.  These are reproductions of old clocks, all quartz operated (battery) and are large enough to be very interesting on your walls:

31″ diameter wall clock, “Jacques Fontaine,” $289.50

“Alexandre Martinot” 31″ diameter clock, $385

48″ diameter wall clocks is blue on white background with graphic Roman numerals, $395