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Christmas Ornaments

Old fashioned Christmas ornaments are endlessly fascinating!  We have hundreds to choose from, and you’ll love the huge selection.   Lots of Santas, stockings, and traditional styles  mix in with all kinds of ornaments, from school buses to cowboy boots!   We carry them year-round so you can shop anytime.  Here are a few…we have so many more in our store!

All Ornaments 40% off!

Prices shown under pictures are the full price; take 40% off of these prices.

Lighted Christmas Fascinators

If you like to dress up for Christmas parties, you’ll need a cute topper, and these Christmas Fascinators are perfect.  They light up (batteries included) and fit comfortably the same way you wear a headband.  Sorry…this item is now sold out.

Crystal Bells Painted Glass Panel

Love this painted glass panel for Christmas when the light shines through it!  “Crystal Bells” has bright colors and a festive design for holidays.  It’s framed and can be hung inside your front side window, over a mantel or displayed with your Christmas decorations.

Vibrant color and beautiful crystal bells make this glass panel a wonderful addition to your Christmas décor, $525

Vibrant color and beautiful crystal bells make this glass panel a wonderful addition to your Christmas décor, $525

What do you want for Christmas?

Help Santa shop for your gift...just tell Ann!  She'll let him know.

Help Santa shop for your gift…just tell Ann! She’ll let him know.

Is there something special from Ann’s that you would love for Christmas? Let Ann know, and she will send your “Santa” a note to the email address you provide.

Santa always appreciates a tip or two about what you want…it makes his job easier and more fun knowing you will love your gift.

And if you can’t get to Ann’s store, browse at Ann’s online Then send us your list by email (anns at annsfinegifts dot com) and include your Santa’s email.  We’ll drop him a note.

Then all you’ll have to do is be VERY surprised on Christmas morning…..

Dancing Santa Christmas Hat

Imagine the possibilities for Christmas fun when you show up at the party wearing Ann’s singing, dancing Santa Christmas hat!  (Watch the video to get the full effect.)  Red and white Christmas cap shimmies and jumps while singing “Shout” with Christmas lyrics added.   Sequins add sparkle; powered by 3 AA batteries (included) and guaranteed to enthrall the grandkids.  These will go fast, so hurry in to get yours!

Ann’s Dancing Santa Hat, $39.50 each.

There’s a bear in the Christmas Tree!

Everyone knows cats LOVE to climb the Christmas tree, but you’ll be the ONLY one on your block with BEARS in yours when you buy these at Ann’s!  Cute black bears wearing Santa hats or scarves can’t wait to go home with you for Christmas, and they come with lighted trees ready to plug in.  We’ll help you tuck one in the backseat of your SUV or pickup so you can bring a little Christmas Wildlife to your home!  (More unusual Christmas trees, here.)

Christmas Ornaments 40% off

Ann’s old fashioned glass Christmas ornaments are nostalgic.  We have hundreds and they’re always 40% off.   There are lots of Santas, angels, animals, Texas-themes…even cupcakes and football!    Here are a few, but please come in to see hundreds more.  Pick out a new Christmas ornament for yourself or someone else!  Available year round.

Lighted Christmas Trees

Christmas decor becomes exciting when you break away from the predictable.   Ready for something different?  How about a Christmas tree from Ann’s?  Choose a wild colored lighted tree for the holidays! They come lighted and ready to plug in….instant holiday!

Lime Green Christmas Tree

Boehm Porcelain Nativity

Boehm Porcelain has been synonymous for exquisite American craftsmanship since the company was founded in 1950.    Barbara Boehm, who started the company with her husband, died on November 19, 2010.  Her obituary in the New York Times contains an interesting summary of the company’s history.   Boehm porcelain is housed in world-class museums and is commissioned by American presidents, foreign heads of states, and royalty as gifts to represent their countries on state occasions.

Since Christmas is coming, we want to remember Mrs. Boehm by featuring this very special porcelain nativity set at Ann’s.   Four pieces include the angel, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.   This Boehm Holy Family is for someone who would appreciate a unique gift from this treasured American porcelain company.