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Belleek Nativity Set

Belleek Pottery, established in 1857 in County Fermanagh, Ireland, on the River Erne, is fine Irish China. Belleek is a Gaelic name which comes from the location of the original factory, where natural resources to make pottery were plentiful.  The river provided the power to grind the components and make the clay.

Belleek Pottery factory

Belleek Pottery factory in County Fermanagh on the River Erne, Ireland

Belleek company crest

Queen Victoria was a customer, as well as Princess Diana’s Spencer family ancestors.  But you don’t have to be an aristocrat to enjoy the finest Irish China, nor do you have to order it from Ireland.  This Belleek Nativity set is available at Ann’s, right here in Houston, Tx.  Wouldn’t it make a lovely Christmas gift for a first Christmas, or a wedding present?

Take a quick tour of the Belleek factory to get a glimpse of the history that comes with a purchase of Belleek Pottery:

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Lighted Christmas Fascinators

If you like to dress up for Christmas parties, you’ll need a cute topper, and these Christmas Fascinators are perfect.  They light up (batteries included) and fit comfortably the same way you wear a headband.  Sorry…this item is now sold out.

Crystal Bells Painted Glass Panel

Love this painted glass panel for Christmas when the light shines through it!  “Crystal Bells” has bright colors and a festive design for holidays.  It’s framed and can be hung inside your front side window, over a mantel or displayed with your Christmas decorations.

Vibrant color and beautiful crystal bells make this glass panel a wonderful addition to your Christmas décor, $525

Vibrant color and beautiful crystal bells make this glass panel a wonderful addition to your Christmas décor, $525

What do you want for Christmas?

Help Santa shop for your gift...just tell Ann!  She'll let him know.

Help Santa shop for your gift…just tell Ann! She’ll let him know.

Is there something special from Ann’s that you would love for Christmas? Let Ann know, and she will send your “Santa” a note to the email address you provide.

Santa always appreciates a tip or two about what you want…it makes his job easier and more fun knowing you will love your gift.

And if you can’t get to Ann’s store, browse at Ann’s online Then send us your list by email (anns at annsfinegifts dot com) and include your Santa’s email.  We’ll drop him a note.

Then all you’ll have to do is be VERY surprised on Christmas morning…..

Santa Hat Sings and Dances

We only have a few of these left!  Press a button and Ann’s Santa hat dances and sings;  “Well, Mer-er-er-y Christmas!”  then launches a Christmas version of the tune “You make me want to SHOUT!”  See the video here.

Dancing Santa Hat sings

Ann’s Santa hat dances and sings a Christmas version of the tune “Shout!”, $39.50

Battery operated, and batteries are included.   Be the hit of the Christmas party or entertain the grandkids with this season’s Christmas fun gift!

As seen on this morning’s Good Morning Texas show!

Dancing Santa Christmas Hat

Imagine the possibilities for Christmas fun when you show up at the party wearing Ann’s singing, dancing Santa Christmas hat!  (Watch the video to get the full effect.)  Red and white Christmas cap shimmies and jumps while singing “Shout” with Christmas lyrics added.   Sequins add sparkle; powered by 3 AA batteries (included) and guaranteed to enthrall the grandkids.  These will go fast, so hurry in to get yours!

Ann’s Dancing Santa Hat, $39.50 each.

National Cat Day October 29

Calling all cat lovers….today is YOUR day!  It’s National Cat Day!  Celebrate with a Big Face Cat shirt from Ann’s.  Choose from our selection of furry cuties, or be the first of your friends to score this one…it’s new!  Christmas Cat T shirt!

T Shirt Big Face Christmas Kitty

New at Ann’s…Christmas Kitty, $26.50

More Big Face Cats:

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Texas Christmas Cards

Send Texas Christmas greetings when you send these colorful, clever cards.  Bright graphics and witty Texas lore announce holiday wishes with a few Jackalopes and some line-dancing longhorns.   Each card has a festive holiday recipe printed on the back…Homemade Golden Caramels, Pecan Pie, Apple Skillet Cake, Chocolate Covered Peppermint Squares, Butter Crisp Sugar Cookies, and Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce.  Buy the package of cards to give as a gift, or use them to send your Texas Christmas wishes to people on your list.  $16.95/package.

There’s a bear in the Christmas Tree!

Everyone knows cats LOVE to climb the Christmas tree, but you’ll be the ONLY one on your block with BEARS in yours when you buy these at Ann’s!  Cute black bears wearing Santa hats or scarves can’t wait to go home with you for Christmas, and they come with lighted trees ready to plug in.  We’ll help you tuck one in the backseat of your SUV or pickup so you can bring a little Christmas Wildlife to your home!  (More unusual Christmas trees, here.)