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Texas Christmas Cards

Send Texas Christmas greetings when you send these colorful, clever cards.  Bright graphics and witty Texas lore announce holiday wishes with a few Jackalopes and some line-dancing longhorns.   Each card has a festive holiday recipe printed on the back…Homemade Golden Caramels, Pecan Pie, Apple Skillet Cake, Chocolate Covered Peppermint Squares, Butter Crisp Sugar Cookies, and Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce.  Buy the package of cards to give as a gift, or use them to send your Texas Christmas wishes to people on your list.  $16.95/package.

There’s a bear in the Christmas Tree!

Everyone knows cats LOVE to climb the Christmas tree, but you’ll be the ONLY one on your block with BEARS in yours when you buy these at Ann’s!  Cute black bears wearing Santa hats or scarves can’t wait to go home with you for Christmas, and they come with lighted trees ready to plug in.  We’ll help you tuck one in the backseat of your SUV or pickup so you can bring a little Christmas Wildlife to your home!  (More unusual Christmas trees, here.)

Christmas in Provence, Texas

Christmas in Provence, France, is a rich affair centered around food and traditions such as 13 Desserts, served after Mass on Christmas Eve.  The table is laden with things like dried fruits, nuts, sweetmeats and nougats and fresh fruits.  It’s a feast, as you would expect.

Sampling of the 13 Desserts in a Provence Christmas.

Sampling of the 13 Desserts in a Provence Christmas.




Festive dried fruits and nuts

Festive dried fruits and nuts

So we’re happy to announce the arrival of a new Lampe Berger fragrance, Gourmandises de Provence, or “Provence treats.”  It’s a blend of all the good things in a Provencal traditional Christmas celebration: Anis, apple, candied lemon and orange, dried fruits, cinnamon, clove, almond, cedarwood, patchouli, liquorice, and vanilla.

Lampe Berger fragrance Provence Treats, $19.95 for half-liter bottle at Ann's.

Lampe Berger fragrance Provence Treats, $19.95 for half-liter bottle at Ann’s.

It smells like Christmas in Provence, France.  Would you like a little “taste?”  Come to Ann’s and sample some.  Maybe you’ll have a Provencal Christmas, right here in Texas.

For more details about Christmas in Provence and 13 Desserts, click here and here.

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Christmas Ornaments 40% off

Ann’s old fashioned glass Christmas ornaments are nostalgic.  We have hundreds and they’re always 40% off.   There are lots of Santas, angels, Holy Family and hundreds of secular designs from cats to schoolbuses!  Here are a few, but there are so many to see in our store.  Come pick out a new Christmas ornament for yourself or someone else!  Available year round.

Lighted Christmas Trees

Christmas decor becomes exciting when you break away from the predictable.   Ready for something different?  How about a Christmas tree from Ann’s?  Choose a wild colored lighted tree for the holidays!  How about a pink tree?  They come lighted and ready to plug in….instant holiday!

Lighted pink Christmas tree, assembled here, $487. This comes in 3 sections that come apart for storage; includes the base. Easy to assemble and “fluff.” Or take this one home assembled. About 7′ tall.

Boehm Porcelain Nativity

Boehm Porcelain has been synonymous for exquisite American craftsmanship since the company was founded in 1950.    Barbara Boehm, who started the company with her husband, died on November 19, 2010.  Her obituary in the New York Times contains an interesting summary of the company’s history.   Boehm porcelain is housed in world-class museums and is commissioned by American presidents, foreign heads of states, and royalty as gifts to represent their countries on state occasions.

Since Christmas is coming, we want to remember Mrs. Boehm by featuring this very special porcelain nativity set at Ann’s.   Four pieces include the angel, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.   This Boehm Holy Family is for someone who would appreciate a unique gift from this treasured American porcelain company.