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Lush Palm Diffuser

Antica Farmacista Lush Palm Diffuser

Antica Farmacista Lush Palm Diffuser equals instant vacation.  Lush Palm brings seaside calm to your environment.  Feel the warm breezes as you enjoy the heady scent of Tahitian Gardenia, banana leaves and relaxation under the whispering palm trees.  No baggage fees, cramped airplane seat or missing work.  Just a little aaahhh….

Antica Farmacista Lush Palm Diffuser

Antica Farmacista Lush Palm Diffuser.  Click image to order online.

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Lafco Villa Olive Blossom Candle

Lafco Villa Olive Blossom Candle

Feb 24, 2017–  New scented candle from Lafco takes you to Italy!  Lafco Villa Olive Blossom candle is an exuberant, modern Mediterranean fragrance layering olive blossoms with fresh cucumber and hints of dewy, sweet grass.  Lafco candles come in re-useable art glass jars that are even food safe, once the candle is gone and you clean them.

Lafco Villa Olive Blossom Candle

Villa Olive Blossom

LAFCO candles are hand poured in the USA and burn approximately 90 hours.  They’re made with a soy for a clean burn.  Natural essential oil-based fragrances burn evenly, filling the entire space with fragrance.

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Butterfly Garden Waxed Vessel Bowl

Scented Wax Pottery

Fragrance and home decor go together!  Scented wax pottery bowls have the fragrance built in. Continue reading

Antica Farmacista Holiday Gift Set

Diffuser Gift Set

Diffuser gift set by Antica Farmacista includes a trio of favorite cocktails!  It’s a great way to sample three popular fragrances:   Black Label Champagne,  Vanilla, Bourbon & Mandarin and Manhattan.  They’re packaged in a pretty gift box and include the reeds with three 100 ml bottles of fragrance, perfect for the gift-giving season.   Diffusers are easy to use and safe (no flame needed).   Makes a lovely hostess gift to take to the Christmas party, or a holiday gift for a client. These fragrances also available individually:

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Opal Amaryllis Holiday Candle

Opal Amaryllis Holiday Candle by Lafco makes an elegant seasonal gift.  Opal Amaryllis is a welcome departure from the traditional Christmas spices, pine and gingerbread,  and scents your home instead with a light, fresh floral and hint of peppermint.   It comes in a pretty hand-blown glass jar that is reuseable when the candle is finished (90 hour burn time), $60:

Opal Amaryllis Holiday Candle Lafco

Lafco Opal Amaryllis Holiday candle burns 90 hours and includes a pretty hand blown art glass jar, $60.  Click image to order online.

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