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Big Dips and Bites on a Board

February 3, 2017– The Great American Pig Out, aka Super Bowl Sunday, is almost here.  Game day parties and the quantities of food consumed at them rival Thanksgiving as Americans pull on their stretchy waistbands and dig in.  Barbeque wings, pizza, chips and more are the tasty treats we’ll binge on.  And dip.  We’ll be chowing down tons of the stuff, literally.  Which brings us to the point of this post:  Look a these 2 beautiful books about dip and appetizers!   You might think the recipes inside these titles are too much work for Big Game fare, but don’t let appearances fool you.  Since food is at the forefront of our thoughts this weekend, why not go beyond opening a can of bean dip?  Big Dips and Bites on a Board upgrade your snacking game:

Big Game food stats, here.

A Million Dogs Coloring Book

Coloring Books for Adults

Gifts under $20

Coloring books for adults are beautiful, bound line drawings ready for you to illuminate, so get your pens out and enjoy some me-time.  Color alongside your kids or enjoy some down time to relieve stress, forget your worries and indulge the inner child in you!   Animals, nature, dogs, abstract and whimsical images provide endless escape and imagination.  Popular authors include Lulu Mayo, Thibault Domain, Jessie Kanelos Weiner, and Emma Farrarons.  Coloring books for adults are perfect relaxing gift for someone who needs an easy, stress-free moment.

Choose many more Coloring Books for Adults titles at Ann’s, and pick up a pretty set of the coloring pencils to go with your coloring book gift!


Curious Critters Texas

Curious Critters Texas

So if we’re talking about critters and Texas, can you guess what the “critter” is?  Right…an Armadillo.  Curious Critters Texas is a children’s book by David FitzSimmons that showcases our little armored friends.  It’s also a perfect book for grandma to give the kids, and is sure to become their go-to favorite.  Close up photography lets the kids study riveting details about North American mammals (Curious Critters)  and other compelling creatures found in the Lone Start State (Curious Critters Texas).  Each critter shares fascinating natural history and unique stories.

Food Books for Men

If you need something for a special guy, one of these food books for men fits the bill.  He’ll enjoy a browse when he relaxes, or add to his night-stand collection of interesting books to leaf through.  Whether he wants to try his hand at these recipes or just enjoy the stories and pictures, one of these is a gift he’ll enjoy (more than another tie).


easter gifts for kids

Easter Gifts for Kids

Ann has a great selection of bunny books, perfect Easter gifts for kids.  Choose from board books with touch/feel patches; picture books and story books with attached puppets!  Young children will love these gifts and enjoy reading them over and over.  Well known children’s authors make these books your grandkids are sure to love: