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Thymes fragrance: Temple Tree Jasmine

Thymes fragrance “Temple Tree Jasmine”  is a blend of rather exotic florals and comes in pretty packaging, making it a lovely gift.  Temple Tree Jasmine fragrance is available in hand and body wash and lotions, hand creme, and bath salts envelopes.  

Temple Tree is another name for plumeria or frangipani, blossoms on a tree native to India that are very fragrant.  Other florals in Thymes’ “Temple Tree Jasmine” are honeysuckle, ylang-ylang, Damask rose oil, and coconut milk.  Oh, and jasmine, of course.

Favorite Body Care Gift: Thymes Goldleaf

Luxurious products and pretty packaging make Thymes a welcome gift.  Goldleaf is a customer favorite both for range of products and its wonderful fragrance.   Choose body wash, lotions, parfum, dusting powder, even room spray.  Thymes Goldleaf body creme and body wash come in small travel sizes, too.  Who do you know would enjoy being treated to a Goldleaf gift?

Moisturizing Goldleaf body cream enhanced with skin-soothing aloe vera, bee pollen and hydrating honey. Restores natural moisture balance to help skin look and feel wonderful. $30.95

Goldleaf Body Wash in a golden gel makes luxurious lather enriched with bee pollen, aloe vera and honey. Cleans gently, leaving skin softly scented with Goldleaf. $22.95

Goldleaf Hand Wash cleanses hands gently and leaves them softly scented. Includes bee-polen, honey and aloe-vera to soften and sooth. $15.95

Goldleaf Hand Lotion has luxurious ingredients from nature, including bee pollen, aloe vera and honey. Absorbs quickly to leave hands nourished and gently scented. $16.95


Spritz Goldleaf room spray in closets, on bed linens and towels. Sophisticated scent, eco-friendly. $19.95


Goldleaf Eau de Parfum is a classic feminine fragrance; long-lasting, unique and elegant. $50.95



Goldleaf Bath Powder makes creamy, fragrant, luminescent bubbles. Natural salts, bee pollen, aloe vera, and honey sooth, moisturize and hydrate your skin. $7.95