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Luxurious, elegant Lafco soaps have wonderful fragrance and lots of good things to nourish your skin. Free of sulfates, parabens, and other harmful chemicals.

Lafco Cilantro Orange House and Home Soap

Luxurious Lafco Soaps

Lather up with luxurious Lafco soaps!  Made in a small factory in Italy, Lafco soaps are loaded with coconut, olive and almond oils to moisturize your skin.  They create a rich, creamy lather. Lafco soaps are free of solvents, sulfates, parabens and other stuff that’s not good for you. You’ll love the essential oil based fragrances, and the pretty packaging makes them elegant gifts.   Box of 3, $35.  Texas-sized large bar, boxed, $17.50

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Teacher Gifts that say “Thanks!”

School is almost out and you need a little something to give the teacher.  Newsflash:  she does not want another apple-themed gift!  Really!  Why not indulge her with one of Ann’s luxurious Lafco soaps?

Lafco Soap Champagne

Champagne (Town House)

Coconut oil-based soap has olive oil, almond oil and silk protein blend and moisturizes with creamy lather.  They’re paraben and sulfate free and they smell wonderful!  (Click here for more fragrances.)  Choose the large 8.5 ounce bar in gift box ($17.50) or boxed set of three (4.5 ounce bars) for $35.

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Lafco Gift Soaps

Beautiful soaps in wonderful fragrances come wrapped in lovely packaging.  These luxurious soaps are made with 100% vegetable base (solvent free coconut oil) enriched with 14% olive oil  and sweet almond oil.

Available in sets of 3 or individually packaged larger size.  (Not all fragrances available in both sizes.)

Lafco Cilantro Orange House and Home Soap

Large individually packaged bars, $17.50

Gift set of 3 luxurious soaps, $35

Gift set of 3 luxurious soaps, $35

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