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Indoor Outdoor Artwork

Indoor outdoor artwork is made to display inside or out.  30″ x 40″ canvases have colorful scenes including interesting alleyways in quaint towns.  Each is mounted on a durable frame, is UV protected and completely waterproof.  Included with each is special mounting hardware so you can hang them on your fence or an outdoor patio wall.

Do you have a kitchen window that looks onto your neighbor’s fence?  Imagine viewing one of these instead.  Want to hang artwork in your master bathroom or pool area?  These are made to withstand the humidity.  Have a small porch or patio that needs a little color?  Put in one of these pictures and you’ll never kill another potted plant.

Blue Door with bougainvillea

Blue Door with bougainvillea, $225


Charming Italian Courtyard

Charming Italian Courtyard $225