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Cat and Dog Throw Pillows Pug

Cat and Dog Throw Pillows

Cat and dog throw pillows feature your favorite pet and make bright and affordable artwork for your home.  Continue reading

Pug on Caramel Beauty Bag

Beauty Bags

Cats and dogs beauty bags are boxy zip pouches that keep your stuff organized. Continue reading

Ceramic Dog Figurines

Friendly dogs now available for gift-giving…but you won’t need to house-train them.  They’re ceramic, but so life-like you’ll do a double take.  West Highland Terrier and King Charles Spaniel are no trouble at all!  Each Italian ceramic dog is handmade and hand painted in Italy by master Italian artisans:


You Need More Sleep

Attention all cat lovers…funny book with cute cat pictures dispenses astute words of wisdom.  Accomplish less, save your energy, and project confidence, just like your cat, when you sleep 18 hours a day.  Reassure yourself with this bon mot:  “Indecision shows that you’re thinking!”  There are lots more…read the book.  You Need More Sleep, Advice from Cats, by Francesco Marciuliano:

You Need More Sleep, by Francesco Marciuliano

You Need More Sleep, by Francesco Marciuliano, $12.95