Big Dips and Bites on a Board

February 3, 2017– The Great American Pig Out, aka Super Bowl Sunday, is almost here.  Game day parties and the quantities of food consumed at them rival Thanksgiving as Americans pull on their stretchy waistbands and dig in.  Barbeque wings, pizza, chips and more are the tasty treats we’ll binge on.  And dip.  We’ll be chowing down tons of the stuff, literally.  Which brings us to the point of this post:  Look a these 2 beautiful books about dip and appetizers!   You might think the recipes inside these titles are too much work for Big Game fare, but don’t let appearances fool you.  Since food is at the forefront of our thoughts this weekend, why not go beyond opening a can of bean dip?  Big Dips and Bites on a Board upgrade your snacking game:

Big Game food stats, here.

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