Konplott Cage Bracelet

Konplott Jewelry

Born in Greece, designer Miranda Konstantinidou draws inspiration for her jewelry from her travels around the world and her work with costume design for theater.  Her pieces have an old mixed with new look, incorporating color with antiqued brass.  Pieces are limited in production.  Widely known in Europe, Konplott is now available at Ann’s Fine Gifts in Houston, Texas.

Konplott Jewelry

Ann’s is an authorized dealer for Konplott Jewelry

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Lampe Berger Chocolate Indulgence

Remove odors.  Smell chocolate instead.

Chocolate lovers swear by Lampe Berger Chocolate Indulgence fragrance for your home.  Enjoy the comforting sweetness of rich, chocolate-y chocolate, roasted mocha beans and hot milk when you use Chocolate Indulgence retired Lampe Berger fragrance in your lamp.  Chocolate Indulgence is available exclusively* at Ann’s!  Order online or stop by our store to pick up a few bottles.

Lampe Berger Chocolate Indulgence

Lampe Berger Chocolate Indulgence, $19.95. Click the image to order online.

*Chocolate Indulgence Lampe Berger is a retired fragrance still in good supply at Ann’s.

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Lighted Halloween Pictures

Lighted Halloween pictures make decorating for Halloween so easy.  If you love Halloween but don’t want to spend all month setting up, just pop a few AA batteries in these babies and hang them…done!  Spooky pumpkin canvases can go on your covered porch.  Jack O Lanterns, spooky castles, and eerie moonlight…Halloween perfect!

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Trivets and Trays

Trivets and trays in natural maple are decorative and practical.  Made in USA, trivets are 8″ in diameter and 3/4″ thick, embossed with home-y Texas figures:  pig, longhorn, cowboy and rooster.  Lazy Susan server is 16″ across with Texas’ favorite icon, the long horn.  Or choose a beautiful tray with long horn, 14″ x 20″.   All are food-grade, mineral oil finish and made from local hardwood.   Perfect for wedding, housewarming, or real estate closing gifts!

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Halloween Socks

Spooky and cute Halloween socks come in cute designs for men and women.   Ghosts, pumpkins, mummies, and candy corn; stripes and owls, too.  Crew socks available at Ann’s store, or shop online!

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Men’s sizes:  Sock size 10-13; shoe size 8-13.
Women’s sizes:  Sock size 9-11; shoe size 5-10

Candle Critters, Garden Decor

Candle critters in painted tin are colorful candle holders for your outdoor patio.  Just tuck a lit votive candle inside them for illuminated glow in the evening:


Lafco Candles: Saddle Leather and Royal Iris

Lafco Candles are more than good-smelling scents for your home.  Each one has a story and a pretty visual presentation that make them lovely gifts.  Lafco candles Saddle Leather and Royal Iris are recent introductions (Summer 2016).

Saddle Leather Lafco Candle

Saddle Leather Tack Room is a rich fragrance that smells like English leather, hay, and amber.   A tack room is where you keep the saddles and blankets, bridles, and other rugged gear for riding your horses.

Lafco Candle Tack Room: Saddle Leather

Lafco Candle Tack Room: Saddle Leather, $60. Click image to order online.

Royal Iris Lafco Candle

Royal Iris is a refined bouquet composed of blue iris, exotic jasmine, and young violet petals. The gallery is the room in a grand home where the art collection is displayed and enjoyed, so of course it would be filled with the aroma of fresh flowers from the gardens:

Lafco Candle Royal Iris: Gallery

Lafco Candle: Royal Iris (Gallery), $60.  Click image to order online.

Created with natural essential oil-based fragrances, Lafco candles have a 90-hour burn time. The clean-burning soy and paraffin blend allows the fragrance to evenly fill the room.  Each hand blown vessel is artisanally crafted and can be enjoyed after the candle is finished.

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Home Decor Throws

Luxurious Throws: American Made

There’s nothing like luxurious throws to add texture and color to your home decor.  And a soft blanket comes in handy when you want to enjoy a movie or good book in comfort.  Ann’s luxurious throws are made of soft fibers in rich, gorgeous colors like harvest, cranberry, eggshell and driftwood.  You’ll love the textures woven with a  warm, cozy mix of acrylic and polyester.  Sizes are about 40″ x 70″, and some include fringe.  Ann’s gorgeous throws are woven in New Hampshire by American artisans. Someone you know would love one as a gift!

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Aggie Pillow

Your favorite Aggie will love this new embroidered throw pillow!  Hand-embroidered with iconic Texas A&M landmarks, images and references, including beloved mascot Reveille in his uniform.  16×20, cotton, zip closure, includes pillow form:

Aggie Pillow

Texas A&M throw pillow, hand-embroidered, $210

Texas A&M Pillow

Monarch Round Patch Rug

Natural Fiber Braided Rugs

Updated Sept 9, 2016 – New designs just arrived, including Fall and Halloween!

Eco-friendly and very cute natural fiber braided rugs are made of hard-wearing jute, designed for lasting durability.  Designs are hand-stenciled prints in lots of themes, perfect for gift-giving. Texas, cats, dogs, bones, roosters and more, including Halloween styles:  black cats, pumpkins and witch’s hats!  Clean them easily by sponging with mild soap and water and rinsing with the garden hose, then air-drying.  Use as welcome mats, kitchen rugs, decorative accents, or under the pet bowls to contain crumbs.