A Million Dogs Coloring Book

Coloring Books for Adults

Coloring books for adults are beautiful, bound line drawings ready for you to illuminate, so get your pens out and enjoy some me-time.  Color alongside your kids or enjoy some down time to relieve stress, forget your worries and indulge the inner child in you!   Animals, nature, dogs, cats, abstract and whimsical images provide endless escape and imagination.  Popular authors include Lulu Mayo, Thibault Domain, Jessie Kanelos Weiner, and Emma Farrarons.  Coloring books for adults are perfect relaxing gift for someone who needs an easy, stress-free moment.

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Sleepshirts for Women

Updated Oct 1, 2016 – Clever and compfy women’s sleepshirts are 100% cotton and one size fits all.  Sleep cool in bright colors with large screen print on the front.  Life’s a Beach!  The Sound of Mewsic, One Night Stand, Dam Tired, and more of your favorites.  Holiday styles, too:  Santa Claws, Mare-y Chrismtas and Lighten Up! Clever graphics and thoughts make make Ann’s sleepshirts a fun gift, $33.95.

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Satin Lampe Berger Gift Set

Perfect for holiday gift giving!  Satin Lampe Berger gift set comes with a red or frosted Satin lamp, wick, funnel, cap, grill top, and 180 ml bottle of Orange Cinnamon fragrance in a pretty red box.  Available at Ann’s now, or order online.  $50 each:

Satin Gift set includes 180 ml bottle of Orange Cinnamon Lampe Berger fragrance:  enjoy the scent of holiday baking with  cinnamon, clove, ginger, apple, orange, nutmeg, coconut, and vanilla.

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Cultured Diamond Rings

Cultured diamond rings are made from man made diamonds (chemically identical to natural, mined diamonds taken from the earth).  Created in a laboratory, the diamonds used in Fantasia Fine Jewelry are cut, set and polished to have maximum sparkle and fire.  Master diamond-cutters ply their skills to bring you beautiful, quality fine jewelry at a fraction of the price of rings made with earth diamonds.  Perfect for anniversary, birthday or other special occasions…why not consider giving her a piece of Fantasia Jewelry?  She’ll get a beautiful diamond ring, and you’ll enjoy the surprisingly affordable price!

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Champagne Bubble Bath

Antica Farmacista  champagne bubble bath comes in a beautiful bottle to make a luxurious gift.  Prosecco is Italian “champagne” (sparkling wine) but has more fruit and floral scent than French sparkling wine.   BAGNOSCHIUMA is Italian for “bubble bath” with  honey, aloe vera, green tea and jojoba oil to calm you.  Antica Farmacista Champagne bubble bath has a rich lather, bubbles that last the duration of your bath and quality ingredients that leave your skin silky smooth.

Enjoy luxurious scents?  Try Antica Farmacista diffusers, click here.

Man Made Diamond Solitaire Ring

Holiday parties are not far off.  How about something sparkly to wear?  This Fantasia Jewelry man-made diamond solitaire ring is perfect.  Large teardrop center stone is 12.5 carats and surrounded by round diamonds.  More diamonds are set on the band.    Fantasia is affordable luxury in the most classic style.    Come see our large selection!

Fantasia Ring Large Teardrop

12.5 ct teardrop center stone with diamond surround and diamonds on band, $742

Fantasia Jewelry is made with lab created diamonds which are chemically identical to earth mined stones.  They are cut, set and polished in time-honored diamond crafter’s tradition for maximum sparkle and enjoyment.

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Lafco Present Perfect

Lafco Present Perfect

Wonderful fragrances, pretty packaging and beautiful quality ingredients make Lafco Perfect Present products the most luxurious gifts!  Lafco Present Perfect comes in hydrating body lotion, hand cream and bar soaps.  Hydrating lotion has macademia and camelina oils with Vitamin E for softening; hand cream blends botanical oils and rice proteins to soften and protect.  Triple milled bar soaps have olive, palm and almond oils to clean without drying your skin.  Fragrances include Rose & Elemi, Gardenia Lime, Freesia & Waterlilly, Honeysuckle & Bergamot and Violet & Amber.

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Lafco Present Perfect fragrances:
Rose & Elemi
Gardenia Lime
Freesia & Waterlilly
Honeysuckle & Bergamot
Violet & Amber

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Gift Scarf Monet Garden

Gift Scarves

Light and soft, these pretty gift scarves are something every women can enjoy.  Wear as a fashion accessory or tie one to a bag.  Choose a pop of color in pretty florals such as irises, water lillies, or wisteria, or pick art-inspired designs by Monet and Van Gogh.  They fold up small to easily tuck in a bag or pocket.  16×60″, $29.95

Available in store or online, while supplies last.

Jigsaw Puzzle Welcome to Texas

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are fun for the whole family.  They’re low- tech, promote togetherness and conversation, and you have a beautiful picture to admire when you’re finished.  We have a large selection of puzzles:  nature, collectibles, Texas, animals, folk art, and holiday themes.  Choose a few for gifts! $19.95 each.


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Folding Umbrella Raining Cats and Dogs

Folding Umbrellas

Folding umbrellas with gorgeous colors and pretty designs keep your rainy days bright and cheerful!  A folding umbrella makes an easy, thoughtful and practical gift.   Ours have auto open/close and are made of durable materials for long-lasting use.  Birds, butterflies, flowers, peacocks, even Raining Cats and Dogs!   48″ across when opened; they fold up small to tuck in bag or glove compartment. $35.50 each.

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